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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I typically expect from a service?

Every service will include a private groom. Only one family at a time will be in the salon. This fosters a serene environment that is unique in a professional grooming setting. Every groom will get a luxurious spa treatment that will include top of the line skin care products specific to your pets needs.

It will also include nail filing, glands expressed and ears cleaned, which will all aid in your pets physical health. This process also helps access your pets current health, and if there's anything that looks concerning you will be notified.

A digital photo is also included, time permitting.

Does my pet need to be fully vaccinated?

I do require that your pet has had its rabis vaccine unless your puppy is too young, or your vet will no longer administer it, in which I will accept a letter from the vet confirming.

Pick-up Times

Because I work one on one and do not crate, it is imperative the pet is picked up within 30 minutes of them being finished, unless we agree on a time BEFOREHAND.

Special accommodations are always available for special needs pets and should be discussed prior to scheduling. 

Service Refusal

In the rare occurrence that I feel your pet would not be beneficial to receive services, I do reserve the right to refuse servicing that animal.

Things like active injections, open sores and flea infestations are just a few examples of things I may refer to your veterinarian to receive a grooming clearance.

Prices & Payments

What are your prices?

My grooming prices are all inclusive and start out at $45 but can vary from dog to dog depending on condition of the coat and length of time required to groom him or her. The best way to get a quote is to text a picture with their current condition.

What type of payment do you accept?

 I accept cash check and some forms of E payments.

Types of Services

Puppy Services

I like to introduce puppies to something simple like a bath or mini groom package. This allows them to experience all the sights and sounds of a salon setting without having to sit through a full groom.

I ask that clients allow me to evaluate the puppy at their first visit to determine if they are comfortable enough for a full groom.

Pricing for puppies is structured based on size. For example, a Labrador puppy may start as a small, but as they increase in size, their price will increase accordingly.

How do I determine what service is needed?

There are many factors that we, as professionals, consider while determining what is best for matted pets. First and foremost, I will always put the comfort of the pet first. Will they tolerate dematting? If yes, will their skin tolerate it?

With my skill and products, it is possible to work SOME matting out. With comfort in mind, I will be happy to discuss what is your pet's best interest.

All inclusive groom pricing is based off if pet arrives "bath ready." Pricing for matt removal (Clipper stripping) or dematting is based off of how much additional time it takes to prep the pet for a bath. All matting must be removed in order to start the bathing process.

If there is anything that was not covered here that you are still curious about, please feel free to reach out so I can be sure to help you!

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